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Philanthropic Achievements

The Columbus Citizens Foundation’s primary philanthropic activity is awarding scholarships to deserving students of Italian heritage. During the 2012-2013 academic year, we are providing approximately $2 million of financial aid to almost 500 students. Since its inception the scholarship program has given out over $25,000,000.

In addition to its scholarship activities, the Foundation has a tradition of raising funds for specific projects, often humanitarian in nature.

In addition to its humanitarian efforts, the Foundation has raised money for projects determined by its Board of Governors. For the restoration and maintenance of the Columbus Monument, located at Columbus Circle in New York City, $400,000 was raised by the Foundation. Designed by Gaetano Russo in 1892 and unveiled on the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s historic voyage, the 13-foot tall marble statue of the navigator and the 26-foot tall granite column on which it stands had suffered nearly a century of neglect and the effects of pollution. The conserved monument was unveiled during the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s exploration. The restoration was carried out by New York City’s Adopt-A-Monument Program.  

Two important adjuncts to the Foundation’s philanthropic activities are its Ladies Auxiliary Committee and its Young Adults Auxiliary.  

The Ladies Auxiliary holds annual fundraisers. The majority of the funds underwrite scholarships, but the organization also makes donations to the numerous organizations throughout the United States. In 1986, the Ladies Auxiliary received the Presidential Recognition Award for Outstanding Community Service, the nation’s highest award for philanthropic endeavors. 

The Young Adults Auxiliary, constituted by men and women who support the Foundation’s mission, holds annual Casino Nights and Wine Tastings that raise money for scholarships.