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Rare Bronzework For Sale To Benefit Scholarship

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Baryshnikov in Flight is a 2015 Columbus Celebration gift by internationally acclaimed sculptor Greg Wyatt to benefit the Foundation’s Franco Zeffirelli Scholarship Fund. The Foundation is offering this 8th piece in a series of 9 Baryshnikov sculptures for sale.

Wyatt is the artist in residence at St. John the Divine and the Newton Cropsey Foundation. His work is installed in many museums, public spaces, and private collections throughout the world. Most recently he presented Bronze Portraits at a commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service, which honored the 19th Century Masters of the Hudson River School of Painting. The event took place in the Rotunda of the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, DC.

Interested buyers may contact David Iommarini at the Foundation: (212) 249-9923 x221 or
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