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Please join our efforts to eliminate the unfair and derogatory portrayals of our people. We do not seek your money or time. Add to our petition, registering your opposition, and encourage your family and friends to do the same.

Our plan is simple; we know that the offensive media outlets will never forgo the revenues they generate by denigrating all for which we stand. Accordingly, we will be asking millions of Italian Americans in the United States to stand together in requesting that the sponsors of these socially disruptive programs withdraw their sponsorship. For those that refuse, we will call for a national boycott of their products and services. By taking this action, they will know that there is a price to pay not only in dollars but in image for utilizing negative stereotyping for profit. It is ironic that Italian Americans, who have contributed so much to this country, seem to be among the last groups that are fair game for these insults. We owe this to our children and to the memory of so many of those who came before us and endured so much so that we may prosper and rightfully take pride in our great heritage.      

For additional information, please contact our Executive Director, David Iommarini or call (212) 249-9923.

 We hope you, your family and your friends will join us.

Frank Fusaro


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