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School Profiles

St. Edmund Preparatory High School Profile

“If I could go back in time, I would still choose St. Edmund’s because the academics, environment, faculty, and extracurriculars allowed me to grow, learn, and find my passions. Throughout my time in high school, I felt a strong affinity towards math and science, this led me to career choice of engineering and the rest is history.”

John Carucci, CCF Scholarship Recipient, alumnus St. Edmund Preparatory High School and New York Institute of Technology (NYIT).

With a motto of “Caritas,” which means the need for human compassion and mercy, the mission of St. Edmund Prep is to instill strong values in their students and encourage them to share their time and talents in the classroom, their faith, service to those in need, on their athletic teams, performing arts groups, and in their everyday lives.

Founded in 1932, St. Edmund Prep aims to provide a faith-based education that will give their students the tools they need to grow into a life of purpose and achievement. With a current enrollment of 650 young women and men, the school believes that every individual is a vital part of the community and has a responsibility to give back to their school and local communities.

St. Edmund Prep is an International Baccalaureate® World School, which means that it offers a continuum of international education. One of the few Catholic schools in the US that participates in the IB World School model, St. Edmund Prep students are encouraged to focus on both personal and academic achievement. There are numerous advantages for students who take the IB Diploma Program, as it is recognized internationally as a standard for college admissions. Students have the possibility of earning college credit and IB Diploma Program students generally are better prepared for college.

Columbus Citizens Foundation has awarded scholarships to many St. Edmund Prep students over the years. Our CCF scholar and a St. Edmund’s alumnus John Carucci is an example of the excellent education one receives at St. Edmund Prep.

March, 2020

Preston High School Profile

“To receive a scholarship for high school meant the world to me. I was able to make an easy decision between an accredited public school or Preston High School, a prestigious private school that I knew was the right choice.”

Marisa Garvin, CCF High School and College Scholarship Recipient, Preston High School and Fordham University, Bronx, NY.

With over 70 years of commitment to educating young women in the Bronx, Preston High School combines a rigorous college preparatory curriculum with Catholic values, respect for individual dignity, and compassion in an environment focused on creating the leaders of tomorrow. It is not a surprise that 100% of Preston’s graduates are accepted into post-secondary institutions.

Offering  a competitive sports program and a large selection of courses, extracurricular activities, and access to the City’s cultural treasures,  Preston provides students with a well-rounded education. Preston students come from over 70 different public and private elementary and middle schools from all five boroughs and Westchester, with students from all backgrounds, religions, and races.

Preston students are encouraged to consider engineering, math, and computer science as potential career fields. The school works with Engineering Tomorrow, a foundation that introduces engineering principles and showcases potential career opportunities to young women who are traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields.  Preston’s environment includes pre-engineering programs in a fully-equipped laboratory at the school.

With a motto of “Virtue is a Thousand Shields,” you will find that Preston students and alumnae are open-minded, self-aware, lifelong learners, and compassionate leaders.  It is not an overstatement to say they are catalysts for positive change.  Columbus Citizens Foundation is proud to have awarded many scholarships to Preston students and continues to work with the school to support deserving students of Italian descent the opportunity to achieve. Our CCF Scholarship recipient and Preston alumna Marisa Garvin is an example of the excellent education one receives at Preston High School.

March, 2020

Archbishop Molloy High School Profile

“While I attended Archbishop Molloy High School, some of my favorite things were the kind and passionate faculty, the amazing curriculum and the clubs that were available after school. The teachers were very passionate about the subjects they taught and had no qualms with helping their students in any way to understand the materials. Attending Archbishop Molloy High School has prepared me for the college experience by challenging me every day in order to be ready for the road ahead.”

- Luigi Albano, Archbishop Molloy High School alumnus and CCF Scholarship recipient.

Archbishop Molloy High School – a Catholic high school in Queens, NY – focuses on academic excellence and prides itself on having 100% of its graduates attend college. The diverse college-bound student body stands out among its peers with the highest percentage of its graduates earning a Regents diploma among Catholic schools. Admission to the school is extremely competitive with over 2,000 students applying for 400 available freshman seats.

Offering over 30 Honors classes, 97% of their students enroll in at least one Advanced Placement college credit course prior to graduation. Molloy partners with colleges to make opportunities available for their students in science, research, and liberal arts. Qualified students can earn as many as 36 college credits through Molloy’s college extension courses.

Their newly designed Science Research Program allows Molloy students to identify the field in which they are most interested, be mentored by a scientist, and gain research skills. At the end of the three-year program, students are offered opportunities to present their work at competitions, including INTEL, Siemens, and others in the region that encourage creativity and scientific rigor.

The school also boasts an ambitious athletics program that counts numerous city-wide championship teams.

Columbus Citizens Foundation has awarded many scholarships to Archbishop Molloy High School students over the years. The combination of the tuition support and the challenging program at Molloy has assured that these students recognize their full potential, develop leadership skills, and contribute in meaningful ways as they advance in the professional and personal lives.

Our CCF scholar and Molloy alumnus, Luigi Albano, quoted above, and CCF Scholar and current Molloy student, James Galeno-Budion are examples of the excellent education one receives at Archbishop Molloy High School and the important role CCF Scholarships play in helping students achieve their dreams.

February, 2020